Sometimes it can be hard to know what God is saying. Honestly, even the most attentive Christian folk can wonder if they are hearing the voice of God. 

Friends, there is no quick fix or fast solution to discernment. You have to put in the work. The process is age-old and time-tested. It is written in God's Word: Jeremiah 33:3, if we call on God, he will hear our voices and show us great and mighty things.

You must make GOD a priority.  You must set aside time alone with GOD each day.  Turn off the TV, put down the cell phone and unplug yourself.  

People make time for what and who they feel is important.  Our jobs, our friends, something we want and are loyal too, we find the time. 

So if you want to hear from GOD you need discernment. You must spend time alone with him in his word.  You must purposefully find that time and that space and start talking to HIM first.  Don't worry about the next STEPS or think you have to speak with scripted...just be honest with confession of acknowledgement of who he is and confession of your sins.  Star asking for forgiveness.  Take a step to share with God anything and everything and ask him to help you believe.  God will do the rest.


Friends, now is the time to come to Jesus who is the only one who can forgive our sins.  It doesn't matter what you have done, how long you have done it.  You are reading this post now for a reason.  Let's go to the Father in Prayer.  Remember, prayer is just a conversation with God.  Open your mouth and start talking, no script, or formula just honesty and respect. 


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I am sorry I did not buy anything today but I was blessed by the post. You are vey head on we must pick in the work.

Thanks and I will visit again I saw some stuff that look great.

Tynesha Whitewater

this is very true. thank you for posting. I sometimes forget because life is busy but yes tv off, cell off.


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