I was sitting here at my computer and a sharp pain ran through the right side of my breast.  It's not the first time and I know it might not be the last.  I am a stage-3 Cancer Survivor through the grace of God.  

The doctors have said that after radiation therapy, the tissues are healing and that I would feel these sharp pains sporadically throughout my lifetime.  Basically, its something I should learn to live with.

Nevertheless, fear knocks on the door of my mind and whispers "you have cancer again, you are going to die!"  Well friends, this is the time when I call out to the Father, I remember how he healed me and pulled me through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery and how the lump previously found was scar tissue.  I remember his gentle hand reminding me to trust him even though I had questions.

"God never promised me that I wouldn't feel fear. But he said in his word to fear not because he is with me. Therefore, it is up to me to trust his WORD, for I know for sure that God cannot LIE.  We have to get it down deep in our hearts and minds that God's Word is greater than what we FEEL inside, especially when we feel fear!" 

Psalm 23:4  "even though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I should not fear evil"  so though we encounter fear and walk through these hard time, we should not fear or allow the spirit of fear to enter, linger or reside.

READ God's word.  The Psalm's are powerful weapons against that persistent spirit of fear.  We could go on forever about this subject but let's start the journey to realizing that fear must comply with the Word of our Father.  


Father, I come to you in the matchless name of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ who is worthy of praise and thanksgiving. Father, I glorify and lift up your holy name because you are my maker, my God and ruler over all. 

Father, please clean me up, cleanse me of my sins known and unknown because I need fellowship with you and a right mind.  Oh Father, please help me now as the Spirit of fear tries to overcome me, destroy me, and hurt me.

I know that fear only has the power which I give because of my sin.  I ask for forgiveness and repent. I stand on your WORD and in the authority of Jesus, I will not fear, though I walk through the valley and shadow of death.  

Please father open my spiritual eyes and guide me by him, the Holy Spirit on my next steps.  Father, I choose to believe I have freedom, I am forgiven, and saved and that you are faithful.  Your will be done Father. Thank you for your mercy and freedom and answering my prayers.  Amen.

You don't have to say this prayer but it's a start.  Remember prayer is a heartful, honest plain conversation with the Father.  He already knows what is in your heart he knows you!

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