Hi friends, we think that this collection is a thoughtful assembly of designs that truly help you remember to stay Committed because you are Forgiven!


So now is the time to get committed to Jesus Christ.  God has forgiven you for all of your sins.  No that does not mean you have a free reign to sin and do anything you want.  It does mean that if you sin, you should repent and confess to God and he will forgive you.  

Some people think that because our Lord took on SIN of every one in the world, past, present and those to come that they don't have to stop sinning.  Wrong and God forbid.  What it does mean is that God will not pour out his wrath on us because he has already done so on Jesus Christ.  

What it does not mean

1. Do not continue in your sin just because you know Jesus Christ paid the price

2. Do not think that you don't have any type of responsibility for the life you live now and your growth in the knowledge of God.

3. Stay in the faith.  Commit your ways unto him and stop being tossed back and forth and in and out!  You are a believer in Christ, your life is with him.